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Badarse Chicken

Unmitigated Chaos

24 November 1987
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Currently, I am a history major hoping to become a history professor.

I am a very relaxed and laidback person (translations: lazy), and generally I like the people around me to be happy.

Despite this, I like to argue. About everything. With everyone. And, in fact, I come from a long line of people who like to argue for hours over things like pronunciation of Samoyed or won.

My talents include impeccable memory of inane facts on useless subjects, indirect hearing (the inability to hear people talking to me, yet being able to hear every word of people talking quietly several rooms away.) and a passion and talent for creating worlds, machines, abilities and characters, even if my lack of art skills or creative writing skills and general inability to keep my mind focused on any one thing for more than 30 seconds limits my ability to realize anyone of them.

My current OCD quests include: a massive gallery of fantasy images, primarily from MageKnight, DnD minis, and Magic the Gathering, but also anything outside of that I think is cool.
Drawing all my custom game characters and Naturo OCS
Create five distinct, non-magical eras for my fictional universe...and then draw five versions of every military unit.
Actually finishing my goram fanic.

Also, I am insane and proud of it.